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5 Things To Consider When Deciding Whether Learning The Guitar Is Right For Your Child

Has your child been asking for guitar lessons? Are you wondering whether you should commit your child to learning the guitar? Are you wondering whether they will stick with it?

The guitar is an extremely popular instrument. It is the second most popular instrument for kids to learn, and the most popular for adults.

What should you be thinking about when considering guitar for your child?

1. Does your child definitely want to learn to play the guitar?

Playing the guitar is not always going to be easy. The most important thing is, does your child want to learn how to play the guitar? Is this something they have been wanting to do for the past week only or have they been wanting to play for a while?

Perhaps there is something that has inspired them to want to learn how to play the guitar. As long as there is something that has inspired them. It will be much easier to find a way to encourage them to sit down and practise at home.

2. How old is your child?

Guitar as an instrument is slightly more difficult than some instruments. For that reason, and the fact that kids can learn quite quickly once they get the hang of the guitar. Somewhere around 7 or 8 is a great age to learn to play. Before then, they can learn, but it will be relatively basic things because they often lack the dexterity to learn at such an early age.

Of course, every child is different. In general, we’ve found children around that age can make a lot of progress in a short period of time.

If they are above 8, then I’m sure they will be ready to get started on the guitar.

3. What sort of music does your child enjoy listening to?

Some children at that age have already started developing a taste for music. And they can also develop an interest in a variety of new music at this age.

The guitar is great is because it is used in such a large variety genres of music. Depending on the music your child enjoys, it will make playing the guitar a lot more enjoyable.

I have found in my experience that if a child really enjoys hip hop or rap. They may enjoy learning how to rap instead of playing the guitar. But if your child enjoys listening to anything else such as pop, rock, acoustic music, kids songs. Anything from a TV show or theme tunes. Then guitar will be great for them.

4. The benefits of your child learning guitar

Like with learning any musical instruments. There are numerous benefits for your child. Guitar itself has some extra benefits. Because guitars themselves are very portable as an instrument and also relatively cheap to buy, to begin with.

Guitars are also a great instrument for learning how to sing and play. Often kids really like the idea of the guitar because it is a cool instrument. They can use It to join a band at school or join in a school performance.

5. They will be more likely to play the guitar into their adulthood

Compare to other instruments. A lot more adults play the guitar than anything else. That may be because of its popularity in music. And how sociable it is as an instrument.

With lots of classical instruments, kids often get to a high grade and then give up playing. If you would like them to learn an instrument that they will enjoy playing their whole life, then guitar might be the one for them.

I hope this article has given you some food for thought for whether the guitar is the right instrument for your child. Find a guitar teacher that can encourage your child to play music they enjoy and help boost their confidence. So that they have fun and enjoy learning the guitar!

About Guitar Teacher for Kids in London:

Darryl Powis is the owner of Guitar Tuition East London where they provide guitar lessons to kids and children in London, England.